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At You vs You Apparel we believe that you are your competition.  There should be no comparisons to others, but a competition against what You are truly capable of.  Focus on yourself and continually be improving.  Ultimately it comes down to YOU VS YOU!

You are the competition


YOU vs YOU // Red
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Our Classic series line of shirts from You vs You Apparel is made in the USA with the premium 60/40 blend. This poly/cotton blend with the perfect amount of stretch added makes for the ultimate workout shirt. Amazing feel, gym-style cut, & premium fabric that is long-lasting and washes up like new. Our Classic series shirts consist of our crackle logo on the front and our circle logo on the back. The ultimate combination of style, positive mindset, and personal focus.

Material: Ultra-soft poly/cotton blend with stretch

Color: Red

Print: Black on front. Black + White on back.

Fit: Athletic

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What People Say About Us

I saw there shirts at the gym and was impressed with the design and meaning to it. The shirt itself is amazing; perfect gym workout shirt material and washes up without issue.

Brian Lawton

I loved the message promoted by the brand but then received the actual shirts and WOW this is now my favorite workout shirt. Fit and feel is incredible. 

Steve Britschgi

The You versus You mentality supports a positive mindset, self-worth, and no comparisons to others.

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