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At You vs You Apparel we believe that you are your competition.  There should be no comparisons to others, but a competition against what You are truly capable of.  Focus on yourself and continually be improving.  Ultimately it comes down to YOU VS YOU!

You are the competition


YOU vs YOU // Black
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Premium ultra-soft T-shirt in the Do The Work line of shirts from You vs You Apparel. One of the top selling color combinations of our black color Tee with white imprints. Amazing feel, gym style cut, & premium fabric that washes up like new. Comfortable, light weight, & long lasting. Logo with Be Epic on the front. Logo with Do The Work in the custom vertical spine imprint on the back.

Material: Ultra soft with light stretch blend.

Color: Black

Print: White on both front and back

Fit: Athletic

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What People Say About Us

I saw their shirts at the gym and was impressed with the design and meaning to it. The shirt itself is amazing; perfect gym workout shirt material and washes up without issue.

Brian Lawton

I loved the message promoted by the brand but then received the actual shirts and WOW this is now my favorite workout shirt. Fit and feel is incredible. 

Steve Britschgi

I recently purchased a you vs you shirt, and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. The breathable fabric keeps me cool during intense workouts, and the moisture-wicking technology ensures I stay dry. The fit is perfect, providing comfort without sacrificing style. I appreciate the attention to detail in the design, making it a standout in my activewear collection. Overall, this fitness shirt is a game-changer for my workout routine – highly recommend!

Joseph Triplett

The You versus You mentality supports a positive mindset, self-worth, and no comparisons to others.

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